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300 years of
Twinings' history

Travel back in time with TwiningsIn 1706, Twinings was one of the first companies to introduce tea drinking to the British when Thomas Twining began selling tea from his first premises on the Strand in London.

300 years later, Twinings is now a purveyor of teas worldwide. A lot has happened since the early days on The Strand, and we invite you to travel back in time and explore our history with our interactive timeline.

of London

Twinings on the StrandTwinings has been at the heart of London life for 300 years. Twinings' guide to 'Tea in London' has everything you need to know about Twinings in the city.

From leaf to cup . . .
and beyond

Click to read about the basics of tea productionHave you ever wondered how tea reaches your teacup? How good tea is for you? How to make the perfect brew?

Meet the Twinings master blendersLook no further - Meet the Twinings master blenders who are passionate about tea to the point of obsession!

Click to choose your perfect Twinings blendAlong with colourful insights on the art of tea blending, you can also choose the perfect blend for every taste, mood and occasion.

Tea of the Month

Earl Grey

Read more about this months recommended tea A light aromatic blend of fine black tea, scented with bergamot flavour...

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5 Main Types of Tea

 All tea comes from just 5 main sources. Discover more about where it all begins.

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Click here for a journey around some of our most popular blends

Nobody knows tea like Twinings. The finest ingredients coupled with 300 years of experience makes Twinings the tea experts. With nearly 200 Twinings blends to choose from, there is something special for everybody - every one has its own special aroma, flavour and character. Click below for a journey around some of our most popular blends. Why not try something different from Twinings today?

Click here for a journey around some of our most popular blends

Ethical Cultivation of Tea

Twinings is committed to improving the working condition for tea plantation workers world-wide. Find out more about our membership of Working for a responsible tea industry.