Twinings - 300 years of expertise

Master Blending

Twinings has the advantage of 300 years of passion and experience blending superb quality teas – the expertise of Twinings blenders has been handed down for generations.

Our master blenders source tea from across the globe. Just nine people are responsible for every type of tea Twinings produces, meaning that wherever you drink a Twinings blend in the world, it will taste the same.

The very best ingredients and rigorous quality controls at each stage of sourcing and blending our teas are guaranteed - Twinings never accepts anything less than perfect. In fact, the tea for every blend is tasted fifteen times between the plantation and packing of the final product.

Master blending Jeremy and Angela

Ask Angela & Jeremy...

Jeremy Sturges and Angela Smith are two of our master blenders. Their tastebuds have tested many cups of tea – sometimes as many as 700 a day! All to ensure that you get the quality you expect from Twinings.