Twinings - 300 years of expertise

Twinings of London

Twinings was always ahead of its time. When Thomas Twining started selling tea to London society in 1706, a major new lifestyle trend took off - back then, most people drank ale for breakfast! In the 300 years since, we've come to enjoy our tea so much that it's hard to imagine a time without it.

The expert master blenders at Twinings have consistently introduced new and exciting blends and ways of drinking tea, building a tradition loved the world over.

With today's hectic lifestyles, it's even more important than ever to take time to enjoy a great cup of tea. Around the world, tea lovers are re-discovering the elegant ceremony of experiencing tea at home, cafes, restaurants and specialist tea rooms. Twinings produces nearly 200 blends - so there's a blend for every lifestyle, taste, mood or time of day.

Twinings in London

Twinings on the StrandSince the first Twinings shop opened on The Strand in 1706, Twinings has been at the heart of London life. Today, Londoners are more passionate about tea than ever.

In London's coolest hotels, tea-rooms are alive with conversation and the clinking of teacups as tea-lovers take the time to savour their favourite Twinings blends. A leading London style commentator, has created the definitive guide to London's tea scene.

Stylish tea

Throughout history, Twinings has been at the forefront of sophisticated socialising - with a 'celebrity' following - the legendary eighteenth century novelist Jane Austen was quite a fan! Today's style icons are no different in recognising the best.

In London, it's clear that this is no passing trend. Afternoon tea is the hot new invitation, and everybody - including celebrities from the world of fashion, arts, film and music - is doing it...

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