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Stylish tea

Throughout history, Twinings has been at the forefront of sophisticated socialising - with a ‘celebrity’ following - the legendary eighteenth century novelist Jane Austen was quite a fan! Today’s style icons are no different in recognising the best.

In London, it’s clear that this is no passing trend. Afternoon tea is the hot new invitation, and everybody – including celebrities from the world of fashion, arts, film and music - is doing it...

...and it's not just the tea that Londoners want. Teapots and tea- sets are hugely popular with city's style savvy inhabitants. New shapes and concepts by design gurus such as Terence Conran and Paul Smith are changing the way contemporary Londoners serve their daily cup.

Wedgwood - renowned for its traditional bone china (and whose founder Josiah Wedgewood drank Twinings tea), has commissioned several up-and coming young designers to produce a collection of cutting edge tea services. Traditional companies such as Thomas Goode and Asprey now stock modern tea sets and cake stands, all of which are in popular demand both by private collectors and grand hotels.

Stylish tea

Stylish tea

Wherever you are, you will never be pushed to find a freshly brewed cup of tea in London, at any time of the day. Whether it's a delicate cup of Earl Grey at The Hilton Hotel on Park Lane (accompanied by their delicious cakes) or a cup of the connoisseur’s blend, Darjeeling, accompanied by piano music at The Dorchester Hotel, it's likely you will be drinking London's no.1 brand - Twinings.

It is no secret that Twinings remains forever at the forefront of contemporary London culture, and as the coolest city in the world goes from strength to strength, so does its favourite brand.

Of course, you can find all of Twinings teas, as well as a huge selection of tea memorabilia at Twining's 300 year-old flagship Store, at 216, Strand.